Why Do We Need an Investment Advisor Delhi

Investment Advisor Delhi

We all must have ever seen the dream of making more money, but dreams are only dreams … There is no such way in the real life, in which some thousands of rupees invested can give us millions of rupees and yes, if something happens like that, then you will have to pay tax on crore of rupees, and the amount will be reduced again.

Where will the investment be beneficial? Will I be able to fulfill this financial goal with such savings? Is there enough money for son’s education? People go to investment advisors for the right answers to all these questions.

Investment advisor gives you the right investment advice according to your income, risk taking ability and financial goals. He charges fees for it.

Why We Need to do Investment

“If you want to solve the problem of money in your life correctly, if you want enough money available on time to meet your needs and dreams, then you will soon get a good INVESTMENT should start”

The Biggest Advantages of Investing

Friends, today we will talk about why investment is needed? If you want to overcome the problem of money and then investing becomes very important, let us know why we need investment, as well as see what the biggest benefits of investment are –

Creation of Wealth: – Investment is a way to create wealth, you want as much money as you want through the right investment plan, you have to decide how much money you need and then you have to get information about these investment options and that you can make that wealth and then you can start investing to wealth Creation by choosing the best investment plan for you.

Source of Income: – Investing can be a source of income, any person can invest INVESTMENT, there is no fixed age or any kind of restriction for INVESTMENT, and thus INVESTMENT can be a source of income for anyone, or someone else’s There can also be an EXTRA income source, and the more income the source has, the more it becomes rich.

Fulfill Dreams:- Through the good Investing Plan, you can fulfill every dream of your life, for that you have to decide how much money you need to fulfill your dreams, then according to that amount you can invest in the right investment By choosing the plan, you will be able to get that money on time and then you will be able to fulfill your dreams.

Inflation Control :- By investing, you can keep control of inflation, whether you know it or not, but if your income grows by 10% every year, then that does not actually increase your income, because every year India increases inflation by 10%. In fact, our income is the same, you have to keep Inflation in mind and also Inflation Pay Control should be invested, so that you can get good profits from your investment and you can overcome inflation.

The Beginning of New Business: – You can make capital to start new business by investing, you need money in order to start a new business, you can start your business by saving some money from your income and investing it in a good investment. Can also build capital.

Financial Freedom: – You can achieve financial freedom by investing. Financial freedom means that if you are free to live your life and to do what you want to do, then now we work for all the money, even if we do not work, even if we have to live our favorite life For the money, if we are financially free, then we have to invest such a way that the amount of money that is coming as regular as we need it. That is, if someone wants economic independence, then he should start investing as soon as possible,

Do you know how many people in India trust the investment advisor Delhi? Let’s try to understand this with the result of a survey –

Who gives investment advice to Indian investors: – 9% friends and relatives take advice. 41% investors listen to the primary counselor. 20% do online research.

How important is professional advice for Indian investors: – Two out of every three investors in the country are confident about taking independent investment decisions, but they still serve the advisor. 60% of Indian investors invest with the help of investment advisor. Internationally, this ratio is 44%.

Note: – This survey is done for the study of Investor Trust named CFA Institute. It has talked to 3127 retailers and 829 institutional investors. This survey included 100 retail and 84 institutional investors of India.

Conclusion – your saving only does not work, Saving means you have done only 50%, now you can make as much money as you want by investing your savings right and fulfill your financial goals.

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