The Foods to Be Avoided During Stomach Ulcers

Stomach Ulcers

The stomach’s ales are also called peptic ulcers, which take the shape of the stomach on the upper part of the intestine or on the upper part of the small intestine. According to research, more than 9 million people in India are suffering from this disease. Peptic ulcer or gastric ulcer is in the upper or upper part of the small intestine. It is formed when the food digestive acid begins to damage the stomach or intestinal walls. Peptic ulcer is in the stomach or duodinal. It is of two types, first gastric ulcer and second dundinal ulcer.

Stomachache,  burning sensation, vomiting, and bleeding with ulcers when it develops. After a while, it also bursts on ulcers. This is called performance. Due to ulcer, stomach burn, tooth ache and pain etc. If you keep your stomach empty for several hours after eating the meal then you can get this pain. This pain is more in the night and in the morning. This pain stays for several minutes and lasts for several hours. What are its symptoms? Nausea   Vomiting not feeling hungry Lose weight today you are talking about some foods that you have to strictly avoid. Healthy eating and stress-free lifestyle can make a great difference in your health. However, if your problem is increasing then consult the doctor and get the necessary treatment, so that the disease and not increase.

Coffee: Eating caffeine increases your stomach acid only. Because of this, patients with stomach ulcers should avoid coffee so that your stomach does not increase in acid only. At the same time, improve your health quickly. Not only coffee but also the ingredients that contain caffeine, such as soft drinks or chocolate, etc. can spoil your condition.

Chilli-Spicy Food: Many researches have shown that spicy foods grow alkaline and the condition worsens. Irritated in the bark. Therefore, avoid spicy foods.

Baked foods: In the baked foods, there is a lot of Trans fat and this increases the stomach acid. It is irritable in the ulcer. Therefore, dieting is essential for such substances.

White bread: It is also a food that can worsen the condition of the ulcer. So it is healthier to completely remove the white bread from your diet.

Red meat: Those langoes who have ALS should not eat red meat. There is a lot of fat and protein in the red meat, which keeps the stomach full for a long time. The longer it stays in the stomach, the longer it releases the acids and spoils the lining of the stomach. So it is important to avoid red meat on every occasion.

Alcohol: Alcohol may be due to drinking alcohol, but for those who are already Als alcohol is similar to poison. Excessive intake of alcohol spoils your digestive system and increases acid levels.

Dairy Products: Dairy products are full of fat. Either remove them completely or take them a little less. In case of liver condition the condition can worsen even worse. So, until the ulcer becomes cured, take away milk and other dairy products.

Rice, Wheat and Roti -these are all starchy foods which should not be consumed at all. It is very difficult to digest, which increases the amount of acid in the stomach.

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