Table Talk: 8 Easy Ways To Deem In Choosing The Best Coffee Table

Best Coffee Table

Coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture to complete the looks of your living room. Coffee tables serve as storage, or they fill a space in your living room to make sure that it doesn’t look like something’s missing.

Moreover, it is also where your family are going to bond during your spare time and weekends. It is where your children can do their homework and sometimes eat their lunch when they are in a hurry.

A lot of people may have a hard time looking and choosing for the right coffee table to complete the looks of their living room. Before you get one, you may consider the factors listed that might help you so you won’t go wrong in choosing the best coffee table.

Financial Capacity

The price range for available coffee tables can be both affordable and expensive. So in this way, you should be able to weigh your budget of how much are you going to spend. The total budget should cover the lighting, furniture, and accessories.

Moreover, you also need to include chairs, side tables, and maybe sofas on your budget to complete the whole look of your living room.

The Form

Think of what type of living room you have. Study its dimensions, how it looks like, and it’s capacity to accommodate. Also, consider if you have pets or some children so it will fit your needs.

An oval coffee table is perfect for pets and if you have children. A curved edge coffee table is also ideal because once your children or pets into it they wouldn’t be hurt. Lastly, a rounded coffee table gives you a lot of room or area to walk around your living room.

The Dimensions

Along with shape, you should identify the size you want. The height is important. From the seat of your sofa or couch, it should not go beyond or lower 1 to 2 inches. The regular height of a coffee table is around 16 to 18 inches with a regular size of couch paired.

A bigger sofa needs a taller coffee table. If you love entertaining visitors and always expecting guests, then taller tables will work for you.


Another essential thing to know what the primary use will be is the purpose. Will the coffee table be fancier, or storage? How much room will be adequate? Coffee tables can come with cupboards, or drawers to carry everything from kids’ toys to that pack of publications.

Regardless if storehouse is required, there is still a way you will need to be able to put a drink or a plate down without the danger of bending over. Choose an item that will handle drinks and meal plates easily. If décor is more the idea, you can concentrate on one with lineages and composition in a material you like.


When it comes to materials, coffee tables has a lot of varieties. Glass-made or even the ones that are combined with brass or steel offers a more intricate look. Also, regardless of the coffee table if it’s made of oak, maple, or whatever type of tree it is, the coffee table has its feel.

Oak and maple trees are the usual material you may see, but cherry and walnut are something that looks more formal compared to the two. Lucite or a transparent table is also available and offers a modernized look.


May it vintage, informal. Modern, or formal; all these styles need to be considered when buying a coffee table. Choose a sophisticated metal table if you want a more contemporary look. A plain oak table is also perfect if you are located in a more casual and relaxed place.

Moreover, if you wanted it to be more romantic feel, you may choose a round coffee table with a turned legs made of wood.

Build-Up and measurement

Let me emphasize the importance of the measure. Everything should be in the proper measurement and scale. For example, an overstuffed comfy couch matched with a light coffee table located in your granny’s attic is not the appropriate scale.

Match an overstuffed sofa with a big coffee table instead. The two pieces, being of same mass and size, will be leveled with each other. It is best to pair the beautiful coffee table with a small loveseat. A scale is merely about the dimension and visible weight of things in a room being alike.


It’s not always wrong to think outside the box. Sometimes, monoblocks are also an incredible alternative to a coffee table. It depends on how broad your imagination is to think of some options that might help you or you may feel an excellent replacement instead of getting an expensive one.


Looking for a coffee table takes some effort, patience, and determination but it is an overwhelming task. With the tips stipulated above, finding coffee tables might be more accessible. If you think that you still need more suggestions, you can look up different sites online, BlackMango is one of them.

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