Most Expensive Players of the Hockey India League for Year 2016

Hockey India League for Year 2016

The HIL players are super talented and paid really well. Two years back, the latest scoring rule helped increase demand for strikers to spike up in the auction of players. Players from overseas popular for being the specialist strikers drew the highest bids.

Listed below are the players who enjoyed the highest bids at the auction made recently:

Ashley Jackson – $95,000

Germans are considered to be the best football players. They are considered as the most agile, talented, and hot players possessing unprecedented skills to grab victory. Although true, this monopoly was rightly broken by Ashley Jackson, the English player. Carrying an impressive price tag of INR 62,41,500, Jackson has won Olympic medal thrice.

Unmatched skill and mind-blowing level of energy helped Jackson with the Fthe IH Young Player Of The Year award in the year 2009. In fact, he went on becoming the first Englishman to receive the award. He was also paid top dollar by the Ranchi Rays so that they could retain their top scorer for second edition. Jackson served as the captain of the two-time HIL champions.

At 28, this multi-talented goal-scorer of the Great Britain is considered one of the best across the world.

Akashdeep Singh – $84,000

The land of Punjab has always produced the best of players. Akashdeep Singh is a dashing young and dynamic forward from Punjab who had many precedents set. Later on, Singh went on to become the highest paid Indian for the HIL 2016. He was paid INR 55,18,800 by the Uttar Pradesh Wizards. At 21, this ONGC player was very surprised at the price bid that went for him. He was also very swift in expressing the pressure he has for attaining and retaining the title of “Most Expensive Indian”.

Florian Fuchs – $96,000

This popular and adorable German player has done the genre proud by winning Olympic gold medal. He has also bagged the 2012 IHF Young Player Of The Year. Also revered as the best striker across the globe, Dabang Mumbai bought this talent for INR 63,07,200.

The German star stated last year that he was eager to play in the Hockey India League after he completed his studies. And with this eventuality, the exciting Fuchs will certainly have the attention of players and fans alike. To know more about this German player and Hockey news India, visit

Moritz Fuerste – $1,05,000

Although this talented German footballer has a short history with football, he was successful in setting a new bid record of 69.16 lakh. Fuerste is two-time Olympic gold medalist who successfully captained ‘Ranchi Rhinos’ to the trophy during the inaugural edition of HIL. He had a frenzied bidding battle between UP Wizards and Delhi Waveriders. After this incident, he was caught by the Kalinga Lancers.

As per a statement by Fuerste, he was quite motivated by the fresh scoring rule. As per this rule, single field goal can be counted as two. In another statement, he declared that he’s very keen on playing for the Kalinga Lancers.

Tobias Hauke – $96,000

Hauke is presently serving the German national team. He will also be making his HIL debut with the Uttar Pradesh Wizards soon. The talented footballer has won Olympic gold twice. He was also declared as the FIH Player Of The Year 2014. Following this victory, he was given the second highest bid of that season at INR 63,07,200.

Hauke is known for his intense midfield defense and dynamic on-field presence. These amazing qualities made him only the second player (after Jamie Dwyer, the Australian legend) to be felicitated with Senior Player Of The Year and Junior awards.

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