How to Prevent Road Accidents with Branded Vehicles Tires?

Bridgestone tyres

Accidents were followed in the auto-industry as soon as the latest technology equipped tires were introduced for high performance. The increased performance was conceived wrong with most of the drivers over-speeding and rash driving.

The reasons for road accidents can be many, but poor quality and careless maintenance of the tires can be the major pitfall. You might have heard accidents because of tire slip or burst, the cars collided because the break did not respond, or the driving was sleepy.

The more you think and research, the more reasons will come to the limelight. But, buying top brand tires with flawless installation is the stepping stone towards road safety and comfortable driving. The reason I am focusing the need to buy branded tires is that these products are assured for its matchless manufacturing.

Brands are conscious of customer retention that’s why they don’t compromise the quality regardless of the increasing manufacturing capability. Their only focus is to deliver the safest driving experience to the end users. Following in this post, you will find different ways how branded vehicle tires can help you prevent accidents.

Select a perfect tire match for your vehicle

The top tire manufacturers across the globe have a successful track record that is backed by their historical development in bringing the best rubber products to the market. Some are well known as technology leaders, whereas others are appraised for manufactured tires with extremely strong road grip.

These differences result in an excitingly huge tire variety for a common user to select from. Every brand is further divided into product lines so that the customers can select the one that best matches their requirements. With online platforms such as, one can easily search tires from a specific manufacturer and dive deep into the stock with vehicle-specific requirements.

The layered navigation makes it easier for them to search tires by a vehicle they own, possess, or drive. It sets them free from reminding the recommended tire sizes by the car manufacturer, whereas, if they intend to deal with tires with specific sizes, they can do so with the same search bar.

Choose a tire brand for your regional differences

The selection of a tire brand is not limited to the car type you own. You also have to take into consideration the regional differences where you live like dryness, dampness, humidity, or hot summers. The Bridgestone tyres are classified to be used for utility and mountains.

These tires offer a strong road grip even on the wet roads. These are also well suitable for racing and speeding on the highways. Thus, these rubber products are best to be used in Dubai, UAE, and the neighboring regions, but may fail to assure safety in cold regions like Russia or Canada.

Being a layman, you may not need to worry such differences because the authorized representatives in your region may be well versed in tackling these issues. The brands would never want to malign its name and identity by sending in rubber products that are of no use to the residents. They may only send the products that are specifically manufactured for the challenging atmosphere.

Get them installed by professionals

The reasons most of the car owners and professional drivers spend a lot of time in selecting a specific tire brand is its impeccable installation. Well manufactured tires fit well into your car if the size is according to the company preferences or you have done your calculation after modifying the design of the car. But, the installation process by professionals does matter.

How can professionals help in tire installation that prevents accidents? The answer is surely their extensive experience and knowledge in configuring various other aspects during installation. First of all, they can comment on the quality and type of brand tire you have selected for installation.

If your selection is made according to the common practices by the car manufacturer, he will assure it is safe. But, if you have chosen tires for an extended smooth and comfort in driving the car and ignored the rules laid by the car vendor, then he may suggest its effects and the precautionary measures you need to take.  They can examine the following factors before, during, and after installation of the tires.

  • Over or under-steering in the result of installation different tires
  • The loading ability and speed limit of the proposed tires
  • The tendency to be noisy while cutting turns and round about
  • Will be brake well on a humid pathway

The installation of brand tires has a deep impact in avoiding car accidents. Perfect quality tires result in safest driving experience if installed by thorough professionals.

Brand tires are equipped with the latest technology

The technology of any tire brand is the key to differentiating it from other rivals in the market. Every manufacturer has a legacy of old-implemented technology in producing the distinct form of the rubber product. Some are quite capable of improving their practices by incorporating the latest technology and rubber material, while others are still reluctant to proceed with a change.

Among various famous names, Hankook is considered a leader in bringing technology-based innovation in the making of rubber products. Their products assure road safety as the improved technology increases the loading and carrying capability of the tires. The recent innovation of non-pneumatic tires (NPT) is a huge success because it does not rely on the air pressure. Thus, these brands are making sure to avoid accidents with an increase road traction and grip.


Road safety is of utmost significance not only for the driver, but for the accompanying members as well because a slight slip or rolls over is a severe threat to all. So, it is always advisable to invest in authentic and genuine tire brands that prevent road accidents rather than crying over the spilled milk.

There is no return of the valuable lives that gets spared in accidents the few elements that can help you avoid accidents due to tires include the brilliant selection of tire size and quality, testing its suitability for your region, and installing them by an expert. Find authorized deals in your vicinity who have an affiliation with top industry experts in tire repair or installation, and avail their services. You can ask them for a mobile tire installation as well that will allow you to have the comfort of your home while keeping an eye on the installers.

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