Best 5 Places to Have Litti Chokha in Delhi – Get the Taste of Bihari Delicacy in the Capital City

Litti Chokha in Delhi

Delhi is home to many thousands of immigrants from the state of Bihar. No wonder the capital city also caters to a large number of litti-chokha eaters. Bihari cuisine constitutes of basic ingredients that are rich in ghee and spices.

Here is a list of 5 best places to visit for Bihari food, especially for litti chokha:

  1. The Potbelly Rooftop Café & Kitchen

This place is situated in Shahpur Jat and synonymous with delicious Bihari dish. These people are famous as pioneers in serving classic Bihari dishes with discretion. Apart from the famous Litti Chokha, they also offer other traditionally prepared Bihari delicacies such as Maher, Sattu Cooler, and Chaaps. You can get the litti (a ground chickpea filled dumpling) which is served with 3 types of Chokha. The varieties of chokha served here include mashed vegetable with spices (potato and eggplant), or a classic Mutton Chokha. The Satu Cooler is mainly served in summer as a refreshing drink. Maher is a yogurt based rice dish. You may also get the taste of some of the other relishing dishes here such as the traditional Makhana (puffed cereal / lotus seed) Kheer.

  1. Mr. Littiwala

Located in Laxmi Nagar, as the name suggests, it is the best choice for all litti lovers. The modest eating joint is very clean and hygienic and serves the best. The littis are delicious and crispy. These are fried till they are of a beautiful golden brown. These these are stuffed with spiced up sattu. You will be served these with the authentic Chokha, prepared from Aloo (potato) and Baingan (eggplant).

  1. Bihar Bhawan

Located in Chanakyapuri, this canteen is a state hub in the capital city. Here, you will find a variety of Bihari food prepared with authentic taste. According to the latest Bihar samachar, you would also see a lot of people from Bihar. One of the most regular orders here is the famous Litti Chokha. The dish tastes awesome due to its crisp texture and the use of mustard oil as in the state. Panchforan (a set collection of 5 spices) is also used to prepare the dish. It is exclusively made on order. Sattu Drink is also served on special request.

  1. Café Wanderlust

This is a nice café that promises the best of Indian cuisines in a warm cozy setting. It also promises the national dish of the humble state of Bihar. One of the best varieties offered here is the Litti Chokha. The litti served here is stuffed meticulously by experienced hands with delectable Sattu and perfectly crisp. The chokha is authentic and served hot which makes it a perfect companion to the crispy Litti. This platter is served with freshly prepared green mint-coriander chutney which gives it a unique flavor.

  1. Jharkhhand Food Stall

Dilli Haat is the best place to visit if you love to enjoy a variety of foods from different states of India. The Jharkhand Food Stall has a lot to offer. It promises some of the best cuisines from the state in its authentic taste. Although Jharkhand is a different state, the food choices of people remain the same. You must try out its litti chokha and Madhwa Roti Saag.

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